Social commitments


Mykola Yankovsky has given financial support to schools and high-schools in the Gorlovka area, providing teaching materials, computers, scholarships and internship to local students.

Working conditions

During his time as CEO of OJSC Stirol, Mykola Yankovsky revolutionized the standards under which chemical plants in Ukraine were run. Working conditions and production methods were significantly improved, leading to greater safety for employees and notably increasing efficiency and production quality.

Environmental improvements

Mykola Yankovsky further improved working conditions by adopting environmentally friendly production processes and greatly reducing the environmental footprint of OJSC Stirol. He said that, “we want to create an environment in which even rare animals would like to live”. He achieved this by opening a zoo with over 500 healthy animals and birds living on the territory of the production plant.


Mykola Yankovsky supported the local Ukrainian Orthodox Church and built a new church in Gorlovka.

Political commitments

Mykola Yankovsky’s sense of social responsibility and desire to care for his employees led him into the world of politics. He started locally, as Deputy of Donetsk Regional Council from 1994-1998, and later moved to the national stage, serving four consecutive terms as People’s Deputy of Ukraine.