Business activities

projectyAfter learning the chemical production business from the ground up, Mykola Yankovsky rose to the position of director at “Azot” in 1984. In 1987 Mykola Yankovsky was appointed chief engineer and in 1988 general director of Stirol.

He led the construction from scratch of two of the ten currently existing Ukrainian factories specialized in the production of ammonia. Another three of the ten currently existing plants were modernized under Mykola Yankovsky’s leadership.

OSJC Stirol was audited for more than 15 years by international audit firms in accordance with internationally recognized standards, enabling it to become the first Ukrainian company to issue Eurobonds.

Under Mykola Yankovsky’s leadership, OSJC Stirol became the most valuable brand in the Ukrainian chemical industry. His efforts were recognized with the honorary title of “Hero of Ukraine”, awarded to him in 2003 for his extraordinary personal contribution to the development of the Ukrainian chemical industry and the production of internationally competitive products.

OSJC Stirol also was one of the first companies in Eastern Europe and CIS countries to produce granulated carbamide and the first in Europe to use a closed water supply cycle for its production processes.

Prior to the sale of OSJC Stirol, the company prepared for an IPO, though this failed due to uncertainties on the natural gas markets.

The majority of OSJC Stirol shares were sold to Ostchem Holdings in 2010.